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Day 1 Seminar Ticket, July 7-9 - $25.00
In a two-hour seminar, Leslie Wright, Jr. shares his inspiring story and 40 years of entrepreneurial experience with you.
@Ballantyne Hotel, Charlotte,NC
10000 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28277

Janitorial: A Poor Man's Business But a Rich Man's Money - $24.99 (Plus Tax & Shipping)
"It's intended to be part inspiration and part instruction." - The Seattle Times
Almost every janitor or custodian working in a school, office building, or other institution fails to recognize there is a gold mine waiting to be unveiled right within reach. This book was written to inspire people, not just janitors, to reach their wildest dreams of success and financial independence. No matter what gender, race, ethnicity, or age you are, your dreams can become a reality.

Package 1 Investment - $3,000.00
We provide all of the forms, guides, and knowledge you need to contract and subcontract your business, master marketing techniques, and sell your services. Read this information, follow the steps, and believe in yourself. What you are about to learn is the doorway to personal wealth, professional esteem, and a lifetime of happiness. But before any of that can happen, you have to launch your own business. If a person is brand new to the janitorial business and doesn't know anything, this is how much it will cost to set you up.

Package 2 Investment - $1,500.00
From basic packages to the most comprehensive, we supply everything you need to run your business.
You can also purchase a six-month consulting package and have an industry professional at your fingertips. This consulting package is an invaluable asset to both new and veteran janitorial business owners. If a business owner just getting into the business but knows how to do all phases of the janitorial work but does not know how to bid for the work or negotiate the job, this is how much it will cost.

Platinum ShieldPlatinum Resource Package: Personal Consulting Service - $500.00 (Plus Tax & Shipping)
If you want to take advantage of all of the benefits, products, services, and extraordinary savings, look no further. This package includes an association membership and all of our associated benefits, access to our janitorial supply company, all of our marketing, legal, and business documents and contracts, and our insightful book. It is an invaluable asset to both new and veteran janitorial business owners.

Gold ShieldGold Resource Package: Executive - $600.00 (Plus Tax & Shipping)
Achieve your own American dream by purchasing the Executive Package and save over $100.00 with a 30% discount on items purchased separately. For serious entrepreneurs only, this package is the real deal with all of the information, tips, and secrets you need to start your business or take your current one to new heights. You will receive a copy of our book, a bidding guide, the necessary janitorial contracts and legal forms, your own customizable script, proven marketing tools, and time-tested, secret recipes and formulas that will save your business thousands of dollars and keep your customers happy.

Silver ShieldSilver Resource Package: Basic - $349.99 (Plus Tax & Shipping)
This package offers the essential resources for launching your business in the right direction and over $90.00 in savings with a 30% discount on items purchased separately. It includes a copy of our informative book, a bidding guide, and the necessary janitorial contracts and legal forms to begin your path as a business owner. 

Bronze ShieldBronze Resource Package: Janitorial Contract & Legal Forms - $159.99
Already think you know the ins and outs of the janitorial industry? We can still help. Your business will stay clear of many potential legal issues using our customizable contracts and forms. This package contains a lien release, subcontract agreement, and marketing materials to form your own company. With these at your disposal, you are better equipped to run a safer, more efficient business. You also save over $20.00 with a 25% discount on items purchased separately.

Lien Release: Legal Document - $24.99
Without one of these, a disgruntled employee or subcontractor can go out into the world and talk about your business in a bad way. This form is absolutely necessary for every single employee and subcontractor. It keeps them from filing a claim with the state or suing you over pay or certain other issues. Without this form, it is simply your word against theirs in a court battle.

Sales Agreement: Legal Document - $24.99
Some janitorial companies use as many ways as possible to make overhead. One way is to sell a few of your janitorial accounts, not your best accounts, but the ones you might be able to do without. Many businesses will take anything they can get their hands on, and they are always looking for new opportunities. You need to exploit this opportunity for your own good.

Subcontractor Agreement: Legal Document - $24.99
Subcontractors are a big part of the janitorial business and especially necessary when you are just starting out. Employees are very unreliable (take Mr. Wright's word for it), but there are hundreds of good subcontractors. This part of your business can bring you a ton of people.

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